Mission Statement

To provide our customers the best quality products, the most competitive pricing, on time delivery and good customer service.


Superlink Technology Primary Business Activities


  • OEM & ODM Products & Services
  • Wire & Cable Manufacturing
  • Value Added Services




Company Overview

Superlink Technology Inc.,  is an ISO-9002 certified manufacturer/distributor for Cables.  Founded in Guangdong province of China in early 1990's, it has since become one of the global leaders in manufacturing and distributing quality interconnection and power products.

Our Cable Manufacuturing Division has an ISO-14000 certified facility in Shenzhen, China, with over 1500 local employees and an ISO-9002 small-run production facility in San Francisco, California. We specialize in OEM/ODM products and custom assembled and molded cable assemblies.  Our products include injection molded cable assemblies, flat ribbon cable assemblies, fiber optic cables, wire harnesses, and power cords.  We are not only a high-volume commodity cable manufacturer for computer/networking industries, but also an expert in manufacturing high-mix, low-volume cable harnesses for aerospace, medical and RF microwave companies. 

It is Superlink's quality policy to continuously improve its operating and technological processes to better satisfy the changing and evolving needs of our customers. People have always been the most important element in any company. People who are truly behind a company's vision and product lines can make all the difference in a fast-paced technological world.